The Best Internet Connections for Offices

The Best Internet Connections for Offices

When running a business, it is important to have Internet access throughout the entire office. When it comes down to the kind of Internet connection your office uses, however, you generally have two different options: Wired and Wireless. There are pros and cons involved with using both Internet connections, so you need to weigh-up all the information before you decide which form of connection you want to use.

Wired Internet

A wired Internet connection requires all computers in the office building to connect to the Internet via an Internet modem. Typically, an office building is already wired for this kind of connection, the desktops or laptops just need to hook up to the wall Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable. If the office is not yet wired for this, it is a rather large expense to bring in an Internet technician and have the individual completely wire every room in the office, especially when running a larger company. However, wired Internet connections are generally safer, as it is harder for a hacker to infiltrate the network. This doesn’t’ mean it is impossible, but instead of having infinite points of penetration into the network, a hacker can only gain access through the devices connected to the Internet.

Wireless Internet

A wireless Internet connection is far easier to set up and activate. You basically just connect the wireless router to an Internet modem, create the wireless network, then every device with a wireless receiver is able to connect to the Internet without a long series of configuration or computer wiring. The main downside to this is the Internet connection isn’t as fast as a wired connection, and it is easier for a wireless network to be hacked. This is because an individual can hack into the network, simply by breaching the network username and password. With a wired method, the hacker actually needs to hack a specific computer. Because of this, computers are more susceptible to attacks from viruses, malware and spyware while using a wireless Internet connection.

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