Biggest Job Fairs in the USA

Job Fairs are a great way to find employmentFinding employment in the USA is becoming more difficult for all age groups and for skilled and unskilled workers alike. So, what can you do to increase your chances of finding the right job for you? As well as scouring the internet and the local papers, job fairs are a great way to meet prospective employers face to face.

Job Fairs in the USA

CareerBuilder has several events nationwide each year. They offer careers in several different sectors, including health, sales and technology. Have your up to date resume at hand, and dress appropriately. While not as formal as an interview, it’s still important to look professional. Some fairs such as Women For Hire, held each spring in several locations including New York and Dallas, suggest ‘business attire’ so do check beforehand. ‘Keep America Working’ is one of the biggest events on the job market. With up to 50 fairs all over the USA each year, they team up with other companies such as Dress For Success to offer pre-fair workshops. These aim to give you a better chance of making an impression when you meet employers. You’re probably going to have to travel to attend some of the best job fairs, but you can cut costs by booking private accommodation instead of expensive hotel rooms.

How to Make the Right Impression

One of the biggest job fair concerns is National Career Fairs. With over 300 events in 76 cities nationwide throughout the year, they cover several states each month. In some of the biggest fairs, you won’t have a lot of time with the representatives, so be ready to smile, introduce yourself and perhaps ask a couple of questions about the type of work they offer. Find out in advance if there are any ‘extras’. For example, Women for Hire hold informal ‘Coffee and Chat’ seminars early each day before the fair opens. If you attend one, you’re more likely to meet people who you’ll see later in the day. Monsters suggest learning in advance all you can about participating employers, and sending thank you notes to people you meet afterwards.

Use any advantage that you can. Be prepared and book all travel and private accommodation well before the event. Good luck.

Pic: Gina Sanders – Fotolia