Budgeting Your Phone Calls in Business

Budgeting Your Phone Calls in BusinessA recently conducted study determined that £5 billion is being wasted by UK consumers each year on telephone bills. The study, conducted in 2011, revealed that thousands of consumers are paying an unnecessary several hundred pounds each year on their monthly telephone bills.

Does Your Business Need Two Phones?

Most modern businesses maintain landline and mobile communications with clients. Could your business carry out its operations by sacrificing one of your lines? If your business could happily function without your mobile phones, consider discontinuing them. Not every staff member needs to be reached by clients on the road. If you regularly communicate with staff members who deliver products for you, invest in a two-way radio system.

Use Skype Services

Where businesses are in regular contact with overseas clients, using a system like Skype can save thousands of pounds each year on telephone bills. Skype offers a free service to communicate with other businesses who are also Skype users. Member-to-member calls are free and can be a very cost effective method to save money using Internet calls. To call a private phone number via Skype a small upgrade to your membership is required but the fee for this is nominal. Skype is the ideal way to conduct a free conference call.

Perform an Audit of Your Phone Bill

Is your business using the services you pay for? Many people don’t utilise their text bundles but still pay for them each month. Calls between providers are substantially cheaper and in some cases, free. If you have been with your mobile provider for longer than three months you are entitled to ask for a cheaper contract or one which offers users a free conference call service. Look out for cost saving bundle deals. If your business associates are Skype members agree to use less mobile contact. In today’s economy it is sensible to manage your business costs as effectively as possible. Phone accounts can quickly spiral out of control and cost your business thousands of pounds each year. Be prudent in managing costs and you’ll save money.

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