Business Financing Explained

Business Financing ExplainedThe lack of capital can hinder a business from growing or purchasing the necessary supplies. As a small business personal credit history will be considered along with how your business is currently performing. In some cases business financing may require collateral against your home or the assets of your company. Banks are able to assist in providing loans that as a lump sum or a line of credit.


A business line of credit is available is an open line of credit that allows a company to have immediate access to available funds. Upon arrival for a business line of credit companies are able to use the funds periodically without reapplying for credit. While a fixed rate loan is paid to the owner as a lump sum. If the business requires additional financing the owner will have to reapply.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration may be able to assist small businesses that are experiencing difficulty with obtaining additional financing. The Small Business Administration or SBA has access to loan programs specifically designed to assist small businesses. The administration is a company that works with lending institutions and provides a guarantee on the loan for the borrower. With a guarantee from the SBA, borrowers have a higher chance of loan approval.

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