Is the job situation getting any better in the US?

Is the job situation getting any better in the US?Since President Barack Obama was elected for the first time in 2008, coming into office promising change for America, many people have claimed that the job situation in the US has not improved and that the US is still struggling with recession just as much as it was four years ago. But how true is this?

Rebuilding the American Economy?

With many people out of work and unable to find employment due to the economic downturn, the need for a huge turnaround in the job situation is dire and close to the hearts of millions, and while it is not the job of the President to create jobs directly, it is the President’s job to cultivate an economic climate in which jobs can be created. Thousands of families are still feeling the pressure of a weak economy in their everyday lives, but can it really be said that nothing has improved in the last four years? A simple check of the facts and figures may give some answers.

How Has the Job Situation Changed?

According to the report from the Bureau of Labour Statistics up to October 2012, for example, there are now 580,000 more jobs available to Americans than there were previously. That’s well over half a million jobs created, which is certainly not to be sniffed at. However, at the same time, the number of unemployed people seeking work also rose in time for the October report, standing at just under 12.3 million and pushing unemployment in the US up to 7.9% of the workforce. So, while there are many, many more jobs available to unemployed Americans than there were previously, there are, unfortunately, also many, many more unemployed Americans, too.

Regrettably, it’s very difficult to say whether or not the job situation in the US has improved or is improving. As with many things in life, answering this question is far from the easy matter you were probably hoping it might be. After all, there’s nothing remotely simple or easy about economics, and it might even be a little foolish to expect a plain and simple solution.

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