How to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

Business and industry are the biggest contributors to the deterioration of the earth’s environment, which is why it is essential for business owners to introduce environmentally friendly processes within their workplaces. Making your business environmentally friendly is not only good for conserving nature but also for your prosperity in terms of conservation of resources as well as reduction of wastage.

First, always ensure that all taps are properly turned off after use. Did you know that just a drop of water wasted every second equates to a thousand liters wasted per year? It is also advisable to put in place displacement toilet dams inside the toilet reservoirs. This would enable the cutting down of amount of water used annually.

Give email communications a priority and only use offline documents when absolutely necessary. Also, encourage the use of fax modem as it enables the direct sending of documents from your computer without printing. Only use the fax cover sheet when it is really needed. If you do need to print documents, make sure you make the most of your paper resources. It saves a lot to print on both sides of the paper as it will cut down the paper usage and consequently the number of trees being cut.

Consider the refurbishment of the present office furniture instead of placing an order for new ones. It is not only much cheaper to refurbish but also saves the destruction of more trees. Whenever making a purchase, it is also a good practice to choose those suppliers who collects the packaging for reuse.

One of the ways in which you can ensure that less energy is used in the form of transportation is by selecting suppliers who operate within your locality. Also give a priority to papers with the highest possible amount of recycled substance. Finally, make it your habit to turn off all your equipment whenever you are not using them. In a normal office environment, these equipment would include computers, photocopiers, printers and faxes. Did you know that this practice could lead to reduction of energy usage for up to 25 percent?

Picture copyright: Sergio Dona