How to Market your Business to an International Audience

How to Market your Business to an International AudienceThe most cost-effective way to market your business to international audiences is online, both using email and internet advertising. However, there are considerations that need to be made. These include which search engines are popular locally, what languages your potential clients conduct their business in, currency conversion and potential marketing partners.

Email communications

There are strict rules when sending out email communications in most markets, for example it is important to know where and how the list of names you are targeting was put together, also it is important to provide a clear unsubscribe process for users. Make sure that you find out what you need to do in each market to avoid being blacklisted.


Search engines

Google is not the only search engine, and in some markets you will need to research which search engines are used by the audience that you are trying to reach. Another consideration with global marketing is using the correct keywords, what works in one market may not be the same in another.



When translating your website into different languages, make sure that you are talking to your audience in the right tone – you need to have the involvement of a native speaker of the language who can understand your audience.


The look and feel

Again, here you will need the input of a local who understands your audience. Are there colours that are particularly negative, for example ones that symbolise death, that you should avoid? Conducting your own research in this area is vital to help ensure you don’t plagiarise anything.


Currency conversion

When developing an e-commerce website for international markets it is important to remember that your audience may also want to see what the costs are in their local currency. Seeking the services of an specialist company such as World First Foreign Exchange can be helpful to ensure you are always up to date with the latest developments.

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