The Office Needs of Every Business

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Regardless of what industry sector you operate in, there are certain office needs that every business needs in order to function. These are essentials that are used every single day and are needed in order to complete tasks. The size and type of business will determine the quantity of such supplies, but there are a few basic categories for everyone.


Must-have Office Supplies

First of all, you need furniture. This category includes comfortable chairs and functional desks, especially if your staff is to spend hours before a desk and computer, or at the phone with customers.

A bulletin board or more than one will also be helpful for different communication purposes. Since people love to spend some time around the water dispenser and the coffee-maker (two other big essentials in any office), the bulletin board could be placed in the break room so that everyone sees important notices and news. For productivity purposes, a big clock must always be placed strategically in common areas.

Hardware and software

Computers (or at least one) and a reliable internet connection are mandatory in every office. The ultimate tool, a computer will keep you in touch with the world since there are now dozens of applications for swift communication (like Skype and GoogleDocs). There is no reason or excuse for keeping files by other old-fashioned methods. Besides, by keeping most files electronically, you will help preserve the environment by avoiding printing and accumulating papers. If you consider buying office supplies online, these products may be considerably cheaper and easier to get.

The different versions of essential computer programs like Microsoft Word and Excel will certainly make your work a lot easier. Keeping track of data would not be the same without those spreadsheets from Excel, just like we would never go back to typing letters in twentieth century typing machines!

Common supplies

Then there come the little things which make our lives easier: paper clips, paper, pens, pencils, scissors, post-it notepads, tape, glue sticks, hole-punchers, correction fluid and calculators.

Illumination and ventilation are key factors in staff productivity. Be sure to have enough fans or air conditioning systems, as well as energy saving light bulbs.

Last, but not least, you will need cleaning articles and products for your office. Among a variety of products, be sure to get enough supplies for your restroom, and for keeping all areas clean (mops, dusters, soap, hand sanitizers). Neatness is vital for your customers and suppliers.

Add motivation and friendliness, since your staff must feel comfortable and well taken care of to produce results, and your customers will seek for warmth and quality attention, no matter what kind of product you sell, or service you provide.

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