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Saving Money on Office Equipment

Office Equipment The economy has been labouring in recent years and most businesses, including startups, have been forced to make sound economic decisions. Purchasing office equipment can result in significant costs for your business. But there are other ways that new businesses can approach their office equipment expenditure.

Buying Previously Owned Office Equipment

In a difficult economy many startups go into liquidation and consumers can benefit from auction sales. Liquidated products are often brand new and include phones, fax machines and photocopiers, printers, laptop or notebook computers, mobile phones and even specialised office equipment of a very high standard.

Refurbished Office Equipment

Items which have been bought and returned to stores are often repaired and resold as “refurbished”. In many cases the flaws are very small, such as cracked plastic parts which are easily replaced. In this case, substantial discounts may be given and this is well worth looking into.

Multi-Functional Equipment

Most businesses use one or two items of office equipment frequently while the remainder are rarely used. There are many all-in-one items available on the market today, such as combined fax and photocopiers or printing/ scanning/ copying/ faxing machines which can be cheaper than buying several different machines. Phone systems that are designed to handle regular calls and a phone conference when necessary are another great choice for business owners. Further information can be found on the homepage of conference call provider Talkyoo.

Leasing vs Buying Office Equipment

If you need a particularly expensive item to run your business, leasing can save you money. If the technology required needs constant upgrades, buying expensive equipment isn’t cost effective. Do some research to determine the cost of leasing certain office items, and you may find that a significant amount of money can be saved.

Spending More to Save More

In general, don’t skimp on items that will save your business thousands of pounds every year. For example, a VoIP system will initially cost more but help save money in the long run. If you hold phone conferences in your business, investing in technology that expedites this can be very cost effective.

Image: Thinkstock, Photodisc, Christopher Robbins