Social Media & Business

Social Media & BusinessSocial media has invaded the work space as well. Social media does not only consist of Facebook and Twitter; it reaches through all social interaction means, leading to communication, collaboration and advertisement advantages in business. Blogs allow engaging articles and feedback to be renewed every day to large audiences. Google Documents are used by multiple editors to edit multiple pages of information at a time. YouTube videos allow viewers to find tutorials on almost any area of trade available. Twitter even gives companies the power to share thoughts, ideas, and links to followers in 140 characters.


Businesses now have new, costless advertising techniques. A Facebook fan page or twitter account costs nothing to make and provides free or low cost advertisement. Presentation and accessibility are key, and social media has provided both of those advertising aspects. Good graphic design and a nice place on the side of Facebook can create a whole new advertisement technique for businesses. Survey results over products can be acquired through social media poles, making the information free and easy to access. This information helps form the consumer demand in companies’ eyes and shape ideas for new products and services based on consumer need.


Social media has also provided new means of income for savy users. Talk of high of dollar gains from using sites to promote business plague the web. People create blogs that take in revenue form Google AdSense, a helpful agent for those who have something to blog about.

Picture: Amir Kaljikovic – Fotolia