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The World’s Leading Electronics Manufacturers

The World's Leading Electronics ManufacturersElectronics is an area of industry that has simply exploded over the past thirty years. It’s not so long ago that an electronic calculator was the must-have state-of-the-art exclusive executive toy. These days just about everyone has a calculator in their mobile phone. So it is that electronics manufacturers are now among the world’s biggest companies.


HP products, made by HP, the company also known by its full name Hewlett-Packard, had typically humble beginnings in a garage in California, in 1935. One of their earliest customers was Walt Disney Productions, but despite this early success, its founders would never have dreamt that HP products would become so well-known worldwide. Their 1980s calculators were among the first to make their way into classrooms around the world.

Printers in millions of homes

Today HP products are among the most reliable and up-to-date available, and the company is in the top ten electronics companies in the world. It’s a list that’s topped these days by Apple, another company that started in a California garage, many years after Hewlett-Packard. Like HP products, those from Apple have a reputation for innovation. We tend to forget that it’s only since the 1990s that personal computers have become everyday items. If you’d said that to someone in the 1950s, when a computer could take up an entire room, they’d have thought you were speaking from another planet.

Once the stuff of science fiction

IBM is another of the best-known top electronics companies, founded back in 1911, as International Business Machines, in a time when no-one except science fiction writers dreamed of how common computers would become.

Samsung is the leading electronics company in South Korea, founded in 1969, and best-known now for its mobile phones. From simple beginnings, the company’s wares, like HP products, have found their way into tens of millions of households. Samsung televisions were first to find success, and then, after a slow start, the company became a leader in the mobile telephony market.

Electronics manufacturers have continued to perform well on international stock exchanges through recessionary times. For the moment, that performance shows no signs of flagging.

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