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The Worst Computer Games of all Time

The Worst Computer Games of all TimeThere are mercifully few video games that have really earned a reputation for being particularly bad. Most video games that don’t make the grade merely fall into obscurity and get forgotten about, but every now and again, a game will surface that is so horrendously, terribly awful that it gains a special kind of fame, all of its own.

What Makes A Bad Game?

To publishers, a bad game might just be a game that sells badly and doesn’t make the profits they were hoping for. This can happen due to bad marketing – poor marketing was ultimately what caused the downfall of the Sega Dreamcast, for example – but in some cases, no amount of marketing can save a product from failure. An excellent example of a failure of this nature would be “E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial”, released for Atari in 1982. Not only was this game poorly designed and boring to play, resulting in numerous returns, but Atari actually produced more copies of the game than there were Atari consoles in existence, resulting in millions of copies being dumped in a landfill in New Mexico and buried.

Going Down In History

Video games can also gain a reputation for being bad through being poorly designed, difficult to play and generally not very much fun. “Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing” is one such title, notorious for being so horrendously made that it verges on the hilarious. While Big Rigs is supposedly a racing game, the opponents lack any kind of AI whatsoever, to the point where they never even cross the finish line at the end of a race, and the player could freely leave the track and clip through the environment, winding up in a vast grey, featureless void. Perhaps the most shocking thing about Big Rigs, though, is that at some point, the team who produced it looked at what they had wrought and thought to themselves, “Yeah, that looks good.”

IMG: Davide Pesce – Fotolia