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Relationships in the Facebook-Age

Social Network RelationshipsThe continuing advance of the technological age has led to changes in the way we do things, including the way we conduct relationships. There are a number of aspects of the social network Facebook that need to be considered in order to determine how it can affect relationships. These can lead to a number of different results, which can variously affect relationships in both a negative and a positive manner.


The internet can effectively make the world a smaller place as it makes it easier to connect and communicate with other people, no matter where they reside. It creates a convenient way in which to form friendships and relationships, which can often be achieved through the use of Facebook. Links formed through websites can be continued in a number of different ways, such as by email, telephone or in person.


Depending on the way in which the website is used, it can prove difficult to maintain a significant level of privacy. Holding an account on a website like Facebook will create the ability for other people to view details about you. This can be the cause of arguments with your partner if they find that messages have been sent to you by others, which can create jealousy.


Relationships formed over social networking sites, such as Facebook, can be quite narrow. It can be difficult to convey feelings and emotions through the written word, which can lead to misunderstandings. Similarly, spending too much time forming online connections can result in relationships in real life to suffer. Care must be taken when new contact is made to ensure that the personal information shown is true.


Networking sites are often used to find details about people that may have similar interests or that you may be curious about. Facebook is one of the most popular websites for this purpose, which allows for connections to be made by sending a message. It is essential to be wary of contact made through this method.

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