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Sporting Holidays in South Africa

SnorkelingSouth Africa has everything you need for a sporting holiday, whether you want an adrenaline rush with extreme sports like bungee jumping and surfing or whether you want a gentler sport like fishing or golf.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

South Africa is a very popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving sporting holidays. Not only does the north east of South Africa have wonderful coral reefs to discover, with the magnificent underwater gardens and colourful marine life, but the Cape of Storms has numerous mysterious shipwrecks, old and new, to explore.
For snorkeling in warm waters with tropical marine life, a popular snorkeling destination is Sodwana Bay, one of the world’s top snorkeling destinations. In the cold water off Cape Town, you can also go snorkeling among the friendly seals.


The whole South African coast offers surfers wonderful waves for a fantastic sporting holiday. South Africa has some of the best surfing beaches in the world, such as the thundering surf at Durban, Victory Bay and J Bay with its point break waves.

Bungee jumping

For another adrenaline filled sporting holiday why not have a go at bungee jumping? There are several venues along the coast of the southern Cape. At 216m high, one of them, Bloukranz Bridge, is the world’s highest bungee jump in the Guinness book of records.

Horse riding trails

Whether expert or novice, you can see some of South Africa’s beaches and forests from horseback. A popular family horse trail destination is Knysna.


A very popular sporting holiday in South Africa is golf. There are numerous golf courses and they often have the sea or mountains as a magnificent backdrop. For a large course, Pezula at Knysna is popular. Another famous course is Sun City’s Gary Player course. The Royal Cape is Cape Town’s reputed course.

Extreme sports

For an adrenaline fix, apart from surfing and bungee jumping there’s a variety of extreme activities such as canoeing, skydiving and cliff jumping.

IMG: Olga Khoroshunova – Fotolia