Accommodation Alternatives

AccomodationTravellers face problems when their wanderlust exceeds their budget. A couple of days are hardly enough to explore a city, but with high per-night costs of hotels, that is often all that one can afford. Instead of cutting the trip short, why not try an alternative accommodation option that can be cheap and convenient, allowing you to make the most of your trip?

Alternative Options

Companies like 9flats have a list of houses and rooms rented out by private individuals and they help tourists find a place best suited to their needs. Everything from single rooms to whole apartments is available, and one just has to browse the list of choices and pick one. Prices start from about 42 pounds per night and one can even get an entire villa at that price, depending on where one is going. Obviously, these are brilliant options for families and big groups who would have otherwise had to pay per-head costs in hotels. Couch Surfing is another alternative where a local family hosts tourists and offers them food and a place to sleep. This is generally a great way to bond with locals and make new friends while saving money. The more adventurous can take a look at sites like which has some really out-of-the-box options like caravans, wigwams and even treehouses in England.

Making the Decision

There are several things to consider before picking one of the many options available. Feasibility is the first thing to look at- Couch-Surfing is not feasible when travelling with one’s family, while a treehouse accommodation may not be perfect for older people. Safety is another major concern, and alternative accommodations must be researched just like one would do for hotels. One might want to pick their Couch-Surfing host through websites after looking at the recommendations and ratings given by previous guests. While renting private accommodations, one needs to be careful so as not to get cheated. 9flats lets one ascertain if the accommodation description given is accurate, based on ratings. One can also call the owner and have a chat to form an opinion. These things kept in mind, insufficient funds can be a boon instead of a curse, allowing you to enjoy an unconventional and rewarding travel experience.

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