Accommodation Guide for Backpacking in Europe

Accommodation Guide for Backping in Europe. Backpacking in Europe is a popular way to spend a gap year, or even a summer. You can plan ahead, so that you’re able to really make the most of your trip. Finding good, affordable accommodation is one of the most important factors, and has some great options.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Deciding on your route is good, but prepare to be flexible. One of the best things about a backpacking trip is that you’re never quite sure where you’ll want to explore next. In France, Italy, Spain and most of Europe, you’ll find lots of great, cheaper tickets, thanks to discounted travel on trains and coach systems for students. Make the most of any pass that you’re entitled to. Sometimes this will mean travelling during quieter times of the day, but you’re much more likely to see more of the country this way. Cheap, clean accommodation is a must, and there are hundreds of good hostels. They fill up quickly during summer, so other ideas include excellent, affordable flat share, such as which allows you to rent from local people.

New Sights to See Each Day

With so much to see and do in Europe, you’ll never be bored. During the summer there are lots of festivals in different locations, such as Sonisphere, and many backpackers choose to take in a few as they travel between Spain, France and Italy. Eastern Europe, through Trieste in Northern Italy to the Adriatic Coast of Croatia is another popular route and you’re sure to meet other backpackers on the way. Each day is an adventure, filled with new places to move on to, so the option of flexible accommodation that you can find online is fantastic. There are internet cafes in most towns you’ll pass through and many smart phones will work perfectly, but do take care of expensive belongings on this type of trip. Easy internet connections mean that renting through for example can be done en route as you decide where you’re heading to next.

Local tourist offices will also be able to give you advice on places to stay locally as well as on everything from travel, to shop opening times, to public holidays. With a little care and planning, a backpacking trip can be a truly great experience.

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