America’s Most Cultural Landmarks

Americas Most Cultural LandmarksFor those hoping to learn a little about American history and culture, there are a handful of historical and cultural landmarks that are well worth a visit. Here we’ll talk about some of them, and hopefully give you some ideas about where you should travel to the next time you’re looking for a great holiday experience with a little history to go along with it.

The Beginnings of American History

One of the most important cultural landmarks in all of the United States is Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In this very building, in the middle of Old City Philadelphia and surrounded by many other historical landmarks, both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were written. Tours are offered daily free of charge, and for anyone hoping to learn a little about American history, Independence Hall is an excellent place to start. You may also wish to visit the Liberty Bell, which was previously housed at Independence Hall but now has its own building. It’s also free to visit, but you’ll need to pass through some security checks first.

The History and Culture of a Great Nation

Another superb place to visit is Washington D.C., as there are numerous important cultural landmarks located here that any enthusiast really must see. The Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and the White House – all monuments to the history that has shaped American culture – are all there, and are all worth a look for anyone who hopes to learn about how the America we know today came to be. From Jefferson, the man known as the father of the Declaration of Independence, to Lincoln, one of the most famous of all the American presidents, and finally the White House, home of the current president of the United States, these three landmarks are arguably some of the most important when considering the modern culture of the USA.

However, American culture can be found all around the United States, so wherever you choose to roam across the USA, you’ll be sure to find historical and cultural landmarks with wisdom aplenty to share with you.

Image: Thinkstock, Ingram Publishing