America’s Strangest Hotels

A hotel with a balconyFinding a great place to stay in America which has all of your home comforts is great. But what if you are looking for something more alternative or a little bit out of the ordinary? Some people may be looking for something entirely different from their home comforts, so here are some weird and wacky places to stay in America for that alternative holiday experience.

Treehouse Lodge

Definitely alternative and most definitely out of the ordinary, the Treehouse Lodge in Connecticut is exactly what it says in the name. Try sleeping in a tree for a night and you won’t want to go back to a hotel! The cottages are situated 35 feet up in the forest of the Litchfield Hills and have some unique features. The golf cottage has its own miniature course right inside the cottage and the Helicopter cottage has a Sikorsky Coast Guard chopper right inside its doors. Weird is definitely the word.

Made from Stone

Located in San Luis, California, Made from Stone is literally made from stone. Over 100 uniquely designed accommodations greet travelers and each has its own rock basin bathroom, waterfall shower and rock face walls. Unique rooms include the Buffalo room with a stuffed buffalo head adorning its wall and the Caveman room with its animal prints and Stone Age clubs.

Converted Jail

The Liberty Hotel is unique in that it incorporates the iron bars of the jail into its design. The former Charles Street Jail in Boston, Massachusetts has kept its original design almost intact, even creating a CLINK restaurant and keeping the existing jail cells next to the lobby bar. At least you won’t have to become a criminal to spend some time in jail!

Undersea Lodge

Jules Undersea Lodge is located in the Emerald Lagoon of Key Largo, Florida. What makes it so weird and wonderful? Well, it is situated 20,000 leagues under the sea. You can even check out your room by taking a deep sea dive 21 feet below the surface. Travelers enter via an opening beneath the lodge and can watch the sea life float past them as they relax in their rooms.

Why go for a regular hotel when you can go for the weird, wonderful and strange? You will never run short of stories and pictures to share with your friends when you get home!

Image: Thomas Brugger – Fotolia