Backpacking in Africa

Backpacking in Africa. Backpacking is a very flexible, inexpensive and light way to travel. These aspects of backpacking appeal to many people on a budget who want to explore new places rather than take short holidays that don’t really allow for any real immersion into an unknown country or area. Africa offers an amazing amount of attractions and sights that many other places don’t. It is a continent full of diverse regions, urban metropolises, exotic wildlife, desert, lush scenery and unique culture. Backpacking through Africa requires thorough research and planning beforehand as there are many areas that are either too dangerous or unsuitable to travel through.

Lake Malawi and Morocco

Lake Malawi is an extremely popular and beautiful stop for backpackers and tourists alike. Taking up a huge fraction of the country of Malawi, the lake is huge, full of beachy areas and is extremely inexpensive. Morocco is another very tourist friendly country in the northern part of Africa. Home to desert sands and exotic culture, Morocco is a stunning and unique place to visit. Rent private accommodation here to maximise on safety and look at reviews of each place before committing to a place to stay.

Zanzibar and Cameroon

Ghana is full of beaches and so is perfect for those wanting sea and sand during their travels. Zanzibar is another beach laden paradise well worth any backpacker’s time. Though there are many luxury resorts here, there are still more affordable options. To rent private accommodation is a great idea, as this will allow you more privacy and convenience. Cameroon is tourist hotspot and is extremely remote, so appeals to those who want an element of exclusivity. There are famous waterfalls to enjoy, some of the most beautiful beaches that Africa has to offer, and an array of ancient villages that are full of culture and historic tradition.

IMG: Ramona Heim – Fotolia