Backpacking Europe on a Small Budget

Backpacking in EuropeBackpacking and budgets go hand in hand. As a relatively inexpensive way of travelling, backpacking has become synonymous with those on tighter budgets such as students and young adults who want the freedom and flexibility of travelling without all the unnecessary costs. Europe is an extremely popular destination for backpackers, as it offers the chance to explore a huge and diverse range of countries that each has a very distinctive and interesting cultural background. One of the main things that makes Europe a more convenient and accessible location for backpackers, is the fact that most cities and towns can be accessed quite easily by train from any other location on the continent.


One of the most demanding and fundamental costs of a backpacking adventure is that of accommodation. Fortunately, there are a range of options to suit most needs and budgets. Hostels are an extremely popular option that has become popular with most budget travellers across the globe. If you are willing to share a dorm room with several others then you will really save money on your sleeping costs. Security can be an issue but there are almost always lockers available for storing valuables and sticking with a single sex dorm room is another way to boost comfort when staying in such hostels.


Forget expensive flights when backpacking around Europe. Trains are really the way to go here. Almost any location can be reached by train from any other location across the region, and there is a host of package deals on tickets to be begotten. Many of these involve discounts given to students, or even several month long seasonal tickets that allow unlimited travel for a certain duration. This can save a tonne of money compared to other transport means, and the trains are comfortable enough to happily spend several hours napping in, while you get to your next destination.

IMG: Thinkstock, iStock, Daniel Ernst