Meal ideas for campers

A camper during outdoor cookingOne of the joys of camping is eating in the open air. Assuming that you don’t plan to cheat and order takeaway pizzas and burgers, what you’ll be able to cook will depend very much on the preparation and cooking equipment you take with you.


However, notwithstanding that, nobody wants to spend all their time cooking, so meals are best kept simple and easy to prepare with minimal cooking requirements.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Apart from being very healthy options, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are a must with all meals as, in the case of fruit, they provide the perfect dessert and, in the case of vegetables, they provide the perfect accompaniment to the main dish. A bowl of freshly-made coleslaw is not only filling, but provides a tasty partner to almost any meat dish, such as pork chops, or even burgers. Salads are always welcome and are only limited by your imagination, but even a basic salad of nice crisp lettuce, sliced raw onion, grated carrot, tomato, sweet corn and red pepper can make a complete meal when introduced to cheese or some cold chicken or ham slices.

Main meals

The key here is not to try anything fancy. Curries, casseroles and stews are always appreciated and require a minimum of fuss. Furthermore, all members of the camping party can be given a vegetable or two to prepare, thereby easing the strain on the designated cook. Another good idea is the traditional fry-up. Sizzling rashers of bacon, with a couple of fried eggs, sausages, tomatoes, baked beans and a couple of slices of whole meal bread are always acceptable, no matter what time of day it is.

Other meals

Breakfast should be something that will keep a person going for a few hours without resorting to snacks, so why not cook up a pot of porridge? This is cheap, tasty and easy, and can be supplemented by fresh fruit.

Whatever meal idea you come up with, make sure that there is plenty of it as people’s appetites seem to grow exponentially when they are living outdoors, and one of the keys to joyful camping is to not be hungry.

Photo: Konstanze Gruber – Fotolia