How to Pack for a Long Holiday with Only Hand Luggage

How to Pack for a Long Holiday with Only Hand Luggage. Ever wondered how those backpackers do it? Travel around the world for months on end with nothing more than a backpack? It’s not that difficult once you know what to pack and how to do it. You can go on extended holidays packing nothing more than hand luggage and it’ll make things much easier than you ever thought possible.

Imagine not having to worry about two or three suitcases, carry-ons, gift bags, and more. With only hand luggage you only have one bag to keep an eye on. It also means faster check-in times at the airport and less time packing and unpacking when moving around.

Essentials Only

When packing your hand luggage, try to stick to a list of everything you absolutely need for your trip. Keep in mind that you can always buy certain things when on location, or that your hotel or hostel may provide some of the things you need.

When packing clothes, take individual pieces that are easy to match, so you can easily combine them with each other. Also bring clothes that are easy to wash and don’t wrinkle. In case you run out of something clean, it only takes a few minutes to hand wash a shirt or pair of shorts and the next day you’re good to go.

Divide and Conquer

Of all the things you need to bring, try to bring the smallest and lightest version. Don’t bring full bottles of shampoo, but try to grab some hotel-sized ones and refill those. That’s also the way to get them past airport and sometimes train station security.

When choosing shirts, for example, pick silk over flannel since it’s much lighter and folds down much smaller.

If you need to bring extra shoes, try to wear the heaviest ones while travelling. When you’ve reached your destination, you can always switch.

Last but not least, travelling to a tropic island with only hand luggage will be much easier than visiting Norway in Winter. But either way, having a lighter load will make it easier to get around and enjoy your holiday.

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