Packing guide for a fishing holiday

packing guide for a fishing holiday. Packing for a fishing holiday is a little different to packing for a typical family vacation. You’ll need to take specific items and, be sure that you don’t forget vital paperwork such as permits or licenses.

The Basic Things You’ll Need

There are certain basic items that you’ll want to pack for a great fishing holiday. Whether you’ll be fishing from land, or from a boat will have a bearing on what you need to take, so think carefully and plan well. You will obviously need to pack your fishing equipment, including rods and reels and spinners, as well as a basic tool kit for anglers and a locking blade knife. A pair of binoculars will enable you to see movement on the water or, if you’re sea fishing, bird activity which could denote a shoal below the surface. Warm clothing is essential. It’s better to dress in light layers which can be removed or added to as temperatures change. Waterproof clothing is also a must. Whether it’s just wellington boots for fishing in shallow water from the land, or chest waders for deep rivers and fly fishing, or whether it’s a full set of oilskins for deep sea fishing in colder waters, think about your planned location and pack accordingly.

Other Essentials for a Great Trip

A thermos flask is a good addition to your packing, as is a rucksack or shoulder bag to carry the things that you’ll want to take fishing with you each day. Unless you’re staying on board a boat, you’ll need to carry things with you. Your fishing permits and licenses if applicable, as well as a torch, and a simple first aid kit with waterproof plasters, antiseptic cream and bandages is also useful. A cool box to bring home your daily catch is worth having too, and if you’re going to be fishing in an area that’s new to you, a small local map is helpful. Good, strong gloves which are designed for anglers are a must and, for fishing in the summer or even in the winter sun, good polarised sunglasses are perfect for cutting the glare from the water.

Pack for a fishing holiday as you would for a normal outdoor type vacation, but add the essential extras as you see fit. Get the basics right, and you’re prepared for anything.

Image: klikk – Fotolia