Tea & Coffee Tours in Europe

The artice deals with tea- and coffee tours in Europe. Lovers of tea and coffee can are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to European holiday destinations. Coffee and tea are enjoying something of a renaissance in Europe in terms of café culture and this is perfectly exemplified along the high-streets and back roads of the United Kingdom. Britain is well known throughout the world for its devotion to tea and it is here that a tour should really begin. Travelling down from Britain, through France can offer a different perspective on tea drinking with Parisian tea shops keen on a delicate subtle form of the hot drink.

Italy and the south of Europe

Italy is without doubt one of Europe’s biggest coffee champions. Traditional Italian coffee can be sampled in cafes and restaurants all over the globe, but it is in on its home turf of northern Italian cities such as Trieste that the quality can be truly appreciated and enjoyed. This city is a beautiful space, often referred to as “Vienna by the sea”. Visitors can explore the museums and galleries of this amazing cultural centre before stopping to relax in one of the traditional coffee houses. Here visitors can experience the superior taste before moving on. From Trieste, visitors could perhaps travel west to Turin, the birthplace of the famous Italian coffee brand, Lavazza.

Austria and central Europe

Austria is another important area for all holiday makers keen to experience the richest coffee flavors. The ancient coffee houses of Vienna can offer traditional style coffees and cakes to whet an appetite. The cafes are an institution of the city’s social and cultural life and should be experienced by everyone on a tour of Europe’s best spots for coffee. The central European cities of Prague, Zurich and Munich can also all offer a tremendous variety of tea and coffee for all visitors. It is in the rich diversity of styles and creations that make the best forms of tea and coffee truly international.

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