Tourism – a benefit for both sides

Tourism a benefit for both sides. Especially in the west of Austria, winter sports are quite popular with the local residents but also with many guests from other countries. Most of the people from abroad who go skiing maybe once a year do not have their own equipment and they usually hire their ski in one of the ski resorts like in St. Anton. If you book your equipment before arriving in the resort, it will save you money and time as well. Moreover, there is the special offer that you will get a high online discount, if you reserve your equipment in St. Anton via internet.

Skirental in St. Anton

In addition, another advantage of the ski rental in St. Anton is that you do not have to carry your skis. In the evening you can usually take off your equipment at the ski depot in your shop and the following day you will have dry shoes and well prepared skis. Furthermore, you can try the latest models of the current season without buying them. But naturally you have the opportunity to purchase your tested skis in order to avoid a bad buy.

Tourism affects the infrastructure positively

The ski hire in St. Anton brings not only benefits for tourists but also for the local community. The stores in Austria provide employment and so there is no necessity to commute. Additionally, the tourism affects the infrastructure positively because guests from abroad want the comfort they are used to. Hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, leisure facilities and souvenir shops come with the tourism and more jobs are created so that the unemployment rate is on decrease. Besides, the tourism enables local people and tourists to reinforce the possibility of cross-cultural contacts and mutual understanding and to raise the awareness of what they have in common.

Image: Thinkstock, iStock, imagean